Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Creative Workshop in La Union, March 2017

Acrylic on Canvas 20x14 inches

"Put One Hand Out and God will Add His" 
This title came to me very clearly. It sort of sums up the process of painting for me. It is always an interesting balance of complete trust and surrender mixed with skill, precision, creativity and continuously letting go of the results. I love it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Power of Art for Self Expression

Here is a 13 year old girl who was part of a 1 day painting session we had here in the Philippines at a center for girls in recovery from abuse. This girl expressed herself well and showed the power of painting for personal expression. Watch the video below. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Transformative Arts Workshop in Vancouver BC, Sept 2016

Our Transformative Arts Workshop in Vancouver came as an inspiration I had while in the Transformative Arts program in Italy this past July 2016. I wanted to share the transformational art processes I learnt there with those who were open and in need of shifting or observing some area in their life. 

We started off the workshop with an opening circle to find out where each participant was at and what area of their life were they looking to heal or shift. Some had just undergone some trauma, such as a recent car accident, a disagreement with a love one, or a major life move. It was the perfect opportunity to explore. 

Carolyn, my co-teacher, started off the circle with a sound healing and we added a guided meditation led by my self.  We opened the circle with exploratory free flow art exercises which encourages little to no thoughts and allowing what appears on the page. Pastels, crayons and easy to move art materials were implored onto big sheets of white paper. It was certainly an eye opening exercise for all of us and we found those in attendance going back for 2,3,4 sheets of paper. The colors, shapes and images appearing were truly eye opening. There is so much to explore in the psyche, the conscious/unconscious and super conscious parts of our mind. When we allow ourselves to shift into the right side of the brain (creativity) and out of the left side (logic and reason) we can shift into a more receptive and open space.

After this exercise we took a short snack break and then into the next segment of the program: Mandalas. Working within the sacred circle, we had large mandalas, created by Carolyn, present to inspire us. We also discussed sacred symbolic images which come to us or flow through us and how to use them for healing or further enlightenment. Being open to what comes allows this healing energy to emerge. 

Though many present claimed not to be artistic, it was truly amazing to see the shapes and colors present themselves seamlessly into beautiful mandalas. We were thrilled. 
Feedback from one student: when will we do a retreat? 
Well Carolyn, what do you say, what's next? :)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's never easy doing what you love...but it's equally rewarding

Transformative Arts Program - Assisi, Italy 2016 

Profile: Clarity West

Hi my name is Clarity West and I am an energetic painter, designer, writer, filmmaker and all around artist. I am also a yoga and meditation teacher, which I feel greatly inspires my art and creations. 

My paintings and art express different energy states.

Art and creativity balance the right and left side of the brain. When used as a process of discovery and self examination it guides us to obtain answers or insight and is a way for the inner voice to be experienced and heard. Art can be product oriented but it can also be process focused and a way for us to be completely in the moment.

These days the process of slowing down is a very important one, as society deals with these new and unknown illnesses such as stress, anxiety and depression.  I believe as a society as we move towards having all our outer comforts met, we begin an inner exploration of the question "Who am I"?

Art is a way to channel energy, whether stuck, moving, stagnant or depressed, art forms can helps us move beyond and to move the energy into a clear state.

Art acts as a window for new insight and revelation to occur.

Over the years I've assisted a few art processes for children, adults, yoga groups, schools, retreats and for expecting mothers. 
As a transformation artist and a facilitator myself, I act as a guide or a midwife to help the process to unfold. We create the right environment to explore. The way in which we know how to do this is from years of our own personal exploration, inside and out, through our art and the continued dedication to grow through our exploration.

                               I believe Artists are the new Shamans.

                                           Art as a tool to uplift consciousness

I am excited and thrilled to have been invited to be a part of this dynamic and talented group of ground breaking artists. Our’s is a group of pioneers which aims to create rules, rather than follow them and to set new boundaries in inner exploration in the modality of Art. In the coming years I predict there will be many more facilitators using art and creativity as a means for insight in areas such as Education, Medicine, and the Corporate setting. Already it's beginning.

I look forward to sharing what will come from this year’s Transformative Arts Training in Italy 2016. 

In Love & Peace, 

Clarity West 

Arts Program Archangel Contributors -  All art purchases will help assist to certify a transformative Artist and help in support of the Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness in Italy. Please see my available art works below.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Art as an expression

Art helps me to process and understand what is happening inside. It's a sort of digesting process. Sometimes I don't recognize immediately what is being realized and sometimes I do. But I feel the emotional and energetic action which comes from releasing through this form of art expression. I enjoy facilitating others to also explore this emotional, spiritual journey.

Self Portrait

Janaka working on his personal portrait with mirror in front